PrincipalWelcome to Kapsabet High School, a school that focuses on opportunity and achievement, a place where students are encouraged and supported to excel.

At Kapsabet High School we believe that we offer the very best of teaching and learning that has been specially tailored to meet the needs of the young people.The popularity of the school is not accidental; careful planning and programming, the selection of excellent staff and a willingness to innovate in educational provision have all contributed to the high level of academic success achieved by students at the school.

Over the last years our students have developed values of hard work, commitment and integrity in their studies. The school administration is dedicated to a student centered program that promotes academic excellence through an enriched rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum. As a staff we are committed to ensure that our students are able to reach their fullest academic potential.

Our goal is to produce critical thinkers, active problem solvers, inquisitive mind, diligent researchers and future leaders of high integrity as enshrined in chapter six of our constitution.

We look forward towards this positive contribution towards of our students to this society.


Kapsabet High Principal,
Mr. Kipchumba Maiyo.